Namaste, We Are Open!

Hello there, We’re happy to announce that we have reopened our doors on July 1st and are eager to welcome you back. We hope
you and your family are healthy and we are ready to help you start your practice again!
Your safety is our top priority. Our space is squeaky clean because the entire studio was remodeled, from paint to floors, from the practice room to the student area and even the bathroom. We tried to stay busy while you’ve been away. Our new policy is to continue to keep the studio clean and sanitized, we even have robots cleaning the floor before and after each class. As always wash your hands while minimizing contact with your face can help and wearing a mask is a conscious community effort.


A few business updates:

  • We’ve reopened with updated requirements and we removed community yoga props that were provided before—we ask that you bring your own personal tools to help you practice yoga comfortably.
  • We have props for sale, yoga mats, blocks, blankets, lacrosse balls and straps. If you borrowed the studio props, please consider purchasing them. Thanks for the support.
  • We’ve created more space between each yoga mat and minimized attendance. That way, we can ensure clean safe space between each student and allow for 10+ feet of social distancing, when practicing yoga.
  • We’ve updated our pricing to give you the flexibility to continue to support the success of the studio.
  • We’re no longer taking walk-ins for in studio practice, the goal is to keep the area safe and social distancing guidelines are followed, including masks per goverment protocols. Click here to register online.

Now on to the fun stuff!

Here’s what we’re doing to make our reopening special.

  • We’re making all packages active and available for immediate use, either online or in studio! Extending expirations and curving prices to help you get in.
  • Welcome back promotion: we’re offering $160 for BOTH package, choose when you want to practice and where, either online or in studio, UNLIMITED.
  • Current Student Special:  treat yourself to unlimited online yoga for $100 per month via Zoom
  • Studio Student Sponsor: Start with an individual package for $80/ 5 classes or $150/ 10 classes. These are for in studio ONLY
  • We’re now offering immediate discount on the Valued Memeber 20 class package: Out of your love for yoga comes a savings of $70, grab this deal for $230 and save BIG. USE online or in studio.