Monday, October 14, 2019
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Meditation Workshop Sunday, Oct 13th @ 2 - 3:15 PM

Find unique ways to tap into that quiet side of you. No exercise, just breathe & let go.

$20 - Click here to register
"Try Thai" with Mark & Anna Sun, Oct 27th @ 2-4 - Only 4 Spots Remaining

Receive hands on assistance to stretch, relax, & restore your legs, back, & hips. No experience needed, get hooked on the best "lazy yoga" ever!

Click here
to pre-register
200 Hour - Yoga Teacher Training Intuitive Yoga School's Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Level Certification with Mark Maldonado.

This is an accredited course through Yoga Alliance.
Currently we are seeking students for a new term.

All books and training for $2,800.
Private Yoga Classes available Mark offers both Private / Thai Yoga Assists classes, appointments are available 7 days a week to accommodate any schedule!

Mark has experience dealing with limitations due to stress, injury, or age and respects these boundaries to create a healthy atmosphere to promote growth and healing in yourself.

For more information contact Mark @ (561) 252 - 2225

Sports Yoga M² Schedule



9:30am Gentle FLOW with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"
11:00am Gentle Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"
6:30pm Gentle Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"


 9:30am Intuitive Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"
 6:30pm Yin Yoga with Melanie Brown


9:30am Gentle FLOW with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"
11:00am Gentle Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"
6:30pm Gentle FLOW with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"


 9:30 Intuitive Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"
6:30pm Gentle Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"


9:30am Gentle FLOW with Mark “Yogi Satnaam”
 11:00am Gentle Yoga with Mark “Yogi Satnaam”



9:15am Intuitive Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"
11:00am Gentle Yoga with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"



9:15am Yin Yoga with Melanie Brown


11:00am Intuitive Immersion with Mark "Yogi Satnaam"

Studio opens 15 mins prior to class time 

~ Gentle Yoga ~

A special restorative class with gentle postures/

to stretch and align your body, mind, & spirit.

~ Yin Yoga ~

Simple postures, usually on the floor held for 1-10 minutes.

This helps regulate the flow of energy & targets the connective tissues, joints, & tendons.

~ Gentle FLOW ~

Much like our other "Gentle Yoga" class but

with an emphasis on pace & standing postures. 

 ~ Intuitive Yoga~

An organic mixture of the teachers' intuition;

the class will be restorative yet challenging.

Class is formatted around those who attend.

 ~ Intuitive Immersion ~

Immerse yourself in an Intuitively designed class with an extended meditation, breathing, & physical practice.

1.5 Hours

 Upcoming Enrichment:

 Meditation Workshop - Sun, Oct. 13th

"Try Thai" - Sun, Oct. 27th


Sports Yoga M2 Studio

120 US Highway One

North Palm Beach, FL 33408


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Welcome to Sports Yoga M2 studio! We offer a small class setting where each student feels welcomed & accommodated.  From the moment you come in to the studio, you can feel the warmth and acceptance from our other students. Your teacher is Yogi Satnaam, and  his focus is to help find your comfort level in healing with yoga. A regular routine can restore your health to a nurturing, natural, and beneficial life.

As a member of the studio we offer yoga mats, straps, blocks,and lockers all available for use during class. Our Classes are typically 60 minutes long but can occasionally run 75 minutes. To prepare for class please remember to avoid eating 1-2 hours before, wear something comfortable, arrive 5 minutes early, and be ready to work. We recognize things change with your body and you may need special considerations, before class, please inform your teacher of any previous injuries or physical limitations.


Our staff is trained to assist all skill levels and first time yoga students are ALWAYS welcome. We close each class with the term Namaste; it refers to honoring the light in you by honoring the light in others. Please feel free to try a class & see if you find a place in our family. We hope to see you soon!