Saturday, January 18, 2020
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200 Hour - Yoga Teacher Training


200 hours Yoga Teacher Program

Intuitive Yoga School's Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hour Level Certification with Mark Maldonado.

This is an accredited course through Yoga Alliance.
Currently we are seeking students for a new term.

All books and training for $2,800.

 Ever wonder how special it must be to teach a yoga class? Does yoga help you become a different person because of the connection you received in class? Can the relaxation really bring out your inner awareness?

When you practice regularly or become a teacher you create an experience to discover a path of healing because of your actions. It is the teacher who brings the light to your intuition. Certify your choice and join the path of a teacher or just enhance your education enough to make the path stronger. The light is in you, join us to discover it is also an illumination for others to intuitively heal through you.

Our schedule will follow a vigorous routine of meditation , pranayama, and asana practice, demonstrations, philosophy, techniques. This program is to prepare you for presenting and conduct a yoga class intuitively.

Yoga is an experience that is meant to create self study and awareness, the result is balance, peace, harmony, strength and enlightenment. When you practice yoga , does your experience help you understand you more, did the yoga create a gift in you, a connection that can help others or elevate your own practice? You're invited to train with Mark and learn the skill and techniques, the qualities and variations, and the intuition to inspire those you know and care about, those in need and countless others you have yet to meet, and help.The choice to be a yoga teacher is special because you learn and how to present your yoga class with confidence. Yoga will change your experience in life because the choices you make are better. Intuitively you recognize the gift of service and that is why gratitude exists in what we do. Take the time and opportunity to discover the natural gift in you.


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